The Root of Magic, Delacorte Press

Jacket Illustration: Pascal Campion 2017

ISBN-13: 9780525578505

ISBN-10: 0525578501

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Have you ever wondered if you are in charge of your life? Or do you believe that some higher force decides your life for you? It’s a centuries old question, and one that has always intrigued me.

As an author, I love exploring these kinds of dilemmas. But because I usually write historical fiction, most of the time I am asking myself questions such as: How would someone feel about the French Revolution if they were poor and lost their entire family to starvation but were rescued by royalty? Or, how would a boy feel about joining a group of skiing soldiers if he was raised by pacifists? Again, difficult conundrums. But because these are historical works, the history itself provides the vehicle through which I can dig into these tough questions.

But in my latest book—The Root of Magic—I settled on a more modern setting when deciding to explore who is in control of our lives. So how does an author go about making everyday life extraordinary, and still develop the ability to explore complicated topics like fate versus free will? She uses interesting characters, adds a strange, isolated town and then—for fun, she throws in some serious magic.

Ta da! Here’s the synopsis to all that exploring—in my new book, soon to be published by Delacorte—The Root of Magic:

Willow DuChard, her mother and her little brother, Wisp, are on their way home from an ice hockey tournament in Canada. Willow is worried and unhappy. Her brother has an unknown debilitating disease. Her parents have just separated. And Willow’s life has been put on hold.

Halfway home, the DuChards run into a terrible snowstorm. When they hit an icy patch that sends them careening in circles before finally coming to a stop, they find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, engulfed by the blizzard.

Amazingly, rescuers appear through the blinding snow. They take Willow and her family to the tiny town of Kismet, Maine, where everyone welcomes them warmly. But as the snow continues and their time in Kismet stretches out, Willow slowly begins to sense that something is amiss in this seemingly perfect town.

With the help of the intriguing Topher Dawson, Willow begins to unravel the reasons why strange things are happening, and she discovers the secret the town is hiding—they have magic. And that magic is powerful—if you believe in it.

Could that magic be strong enough to save her sick brother and her crumbling family? Willow begins to think it could. The only problem is this magic comes with a price—a question that must be answered: Are you in charge of your own life or is your life predetermined for you? And how Willow answers that question could change her life forever.

So what will Willow decide?

The answer to that dilemma lies in the book! So grab a copy and read The Root of Magic to find out!



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