Charlesbridge Publishing, June 2008,
Illustrated by Alex Farquharson.
ISBN: 1-58089-183-7 (Hardcover) Price: $16.95
ISBN: 1-58089-184-4 (Softcover) Price: $7.95



Climbing into his grandfather's bed, Sam asks to be told the Story of the Samson, the tale of a whaling boat that toured the world. From exploring in Antarctica with Admiral Byrd to seeing the Titanic sink, this little boat has had a lifetime of exciting adventures. And Sam and his grandfather sail away with her as her story unfolds.

★ NCSS Notable Trade Book

“The Samson, a schooner built in 1885, was part of many major events in maritime history. First it was a sealing schooner, then a whaler, an exploration ship, and finally a trade ship. In its most noticeable roles, the Samson played a part in the rescue of Ernest Shackleton’s crewmates and Admiral Byrd’s Antarctica explorations, and it may have been the mystery boat that was seen by survivors of the Titanic. Duble presents the details of this ship’s history through conversations between a fictional young boy, Sam, and his grandfather, who was a crewman aboard the Samson. The narrative device creates a compelling introduction to maritime history, and the mix of full-color and sepia-toned oils enhances the historical subject. A time line, author’s note, and list of resources conclude this engrossing introduction to adventure at sea.” - BOOKLIST.

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