Charlesbridge Publishing, July 2003,
Illustrated by Alan Marks.
ISBN: 1-57091-555-5 Price: $15.95



Jenny’s mom, Major Strom, is a tanker pilot. Before she leaves on a training mission, she takes Jenny and her best friend, K.C. to see the air base. K.C. thinks being a pilot is exciting. Jenny worries about her mom’s safety and wonders if her mom likes flying more than she likes being her mom.

Kathleen Benner Duble’s story reveals the strength of mother-daughter bonds. Alan Mark’s art is evocative and captures the love Jenny and her mom share.

★ Human Resources Top Five Book – Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children.

“Mark’s pictures are quite wonderful, gorgeous depictions of the planes, inside and out, on the ground and in the air. Jenny’s blonde, K.C. is African American; they and Jenny’s parents and other people at the air base are fully and realistically rendered. A lot of information made palatable for young people while responding to their questions and fears in a post- ‘shock and awe’ world.” - KIRKUS REVIEWS.

“As preparations continue, Mom talks about past adventures, which Duble fits smoothly into the narrative, along with a good deal of information about airplanes and flying. The pastel watercolors, sometimes showing cloudy skies in shades of gray, reflect the girl’s emotional roller coaster as she sees her mother off. A paean to flying, this is also a strong ‘can do’ message for girls.” - BOOKLIST.

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