Philomel Books, a division of Penguin Putnam, May 2002.
Jacket Illustration © 2002 Chris Nurse.
ISBN: 0-399-23637-6 Price: $17.99



The screams still haunt Anna. First, the driving rain. Then the train, emerging from the darkness like a monster in the night. She remembers the fear, and climbing onto the beam of the bridge. And she remembers falling …

Trouble is, that wasn’t Anna out there on that bridge. So who was it? And why has Anna been reliving her memories over and over, like a nightmare that never ends?

Kathleen Benner Duble’s suspenseful debut novel is a complex mystery that explores the layers of our minds, and the bridges that unite them. You may never look at your dreams the same way again.

★ 2002 IRA Notable Honor Book

“An intriguing novel that could be read as science fiction or science theory, with the plot based on the main character experiencing the actual memories of her dead great-grandmother: Is it genetic memory? It’s a good story, in any case.”

“Utilizing the clever and imaginary psychological premise of ‘genetic memory’, first-time novelist Duble offers an eerie tale. This is a complex plot with a keen sense of both psychology and the variety of human social stigmata” - SL.


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One strange fact about me: I had braces at age 33

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