Peachtree Publishing, March 2007.
Jacket Illustration © 2007 Loraine Joyner.
ISBN: 978-1-15645-401-3 Price: $14.95


A lot of students ask me what Samantha does
when she grows up. Here's what I think she
will do when she is older.


Sam can’t believe she has to spend four weeks of her summer with her incredibly grumpy grandfather. The Colonel, as everyone calls him, is always quizzing her with military facts – facts that Samantha finds boring. And he won’t even acknowledge that Sam knows facts of her own – Guiness Book of World Record Facts! The Colonel considers these “facts” annoying.

When Samantha discovers that the Colonel is hiding a secret, the summer begins to hold a lot more promise than she had anticipated. So what should she do? Snitch on him or join him in his rather tempting “project”?

Samantha’s solution makes for an exciting and rewarding summer!

★ Society of School Librarians’ International Honor Book Award in
     Language Arts K-6 Novels
★ Agatha Award Nominee
★ PSLA Top Forty For 2007
★ Maine Children's Book Award Nominee
★ Massachusetts Book Award Honor Book
★ William Allen White Award Nominee
★ Mark Twain Award Nominee

“Affectionate stories about grumpy grandpas are in vogue. As in Pamela Ehrenberg’s Ethan, Suspended (2007), the 12-year-old kid in this novel is bitterly resentful when she’s forced to spend time with her mom’s parents, only to end up feeling respect and enduring connection. Samantha’s grandfather (the Colonel) has become angry and rude since the Air Force pushed him into retirement, and Samantha senses that he is up to something. Suspense builds as she follows him; then she must decide whether to snitch on his secret project or help him with it – if he will let her. The angry arguments make for great dialogue. Duble moves from the historical fiction of her previous novel (The Sacrifice, 2005) to a wry, contemporary story with lots of technology. Aviation fans will recognize the first two words of the title as part of the FAA’s list of code words, and readers will also enjoy Samantha’s obsession with bizarre facts from The Guinness Book of World Records.” - BOOKLIST.

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