Phantoms in the Snow, Scholastic Press, February 1, 2011
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ISBN-13: 978-0545197717 $9.99 (Paperback)
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Ideas for book clubs


VENUE: If your book clubbers are skiers, then why not hold your book discussion at a ski resort? The Phantoms built most of the ski areas in the United States, and you might actually be skiing their territory!

If you have non-skiers in your group, how about a day of sledding followed by hot chocolate and a book discussion?

And if you live in a state that never sees snow or you decide to discuss Phantoms during the warmer months, how about holding your meeting in tents? Bring sleeping bags and flashlights. Load up backpacks with equipment you would bring along should you have to go to war. What would you take with you? What do you think would make a difference if you had to fight?

FOOD: You’re in the Army now! So why not eat like they did? K-rations were typical fare for a World War II soldier and consisted of the following: canned meat (either chicken or pork), a carrot, an apple, biscuits, a chocolate bar, some chewing gum and a bouillon soup cube or powdered packet and powdered coffee (for your book clubbers, lemonade might be a better idea). Package your meal in small cardboard boxes and eat on the floor, as soldiers would eat on the ground.

Or have your group prepare their own K-ration box – bringing what they would like best if they were going off to war. What would you include? A chocolate bar? A granola bar? Peanut butter?

Here’s what K-rations looked like:


And if eating K-rations doesn’t appeal to you, how about an Italian feast? On a large platter, serve slices of salami and cheese, olives, walnuts, warm, crusty bread with olive oil for dipping, sliced tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella, and melon wrapped in prosciutto. And remind your book clubbers to eat slowly and enjoy in the Italian way of dining!

Here’s what a great Italian plate looks like:


SPECIAL GUEST: SPECIAL GUEST: If you live in one of the towns listed on this website, you are in luck! Real 10th Mountain Division Veterans will come and speak with you. Check out their website.

If, however, like me, you are not from around one of these areas, local veterans are usually delighted to visit book groups and talk about the price of war, the sacrifices made and the triumphs they witnessed.

Even better, why not take time during your meeting and write to our soldiers currently serving overseas? Or put together a care package to thank our men and women in the military for their service to our country.


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