I am always reading books. Are you?

Here are some new books I’ve read and loved:


THE ADVENTURES OF A GIRL CALLED BICYCLE by Christina Uss - When a three-year-old little girl wearing a shirt with the word "Bicycle" on it is found on the doorstep of The Mostly Silent Monastary in Washington DC, the monks and Sister Wanda decide to take the child in and raise her themselves.  Not only does the child love the word "Bicycle" but she loves riding one, too, leading Sister Wanda to name her that.  As Bicycle grows with the silent monks though, Sister Wanda begins to worry about Bicycle's lack of friends and decides to send Bicycle to The Friendship Factory, where they guarantee each child will make a friend.  But Bicycle has no intention of going.  She wants to make friends with her hero, bicyclist, Zbig, who is holding a rally to bless bicycles in San Francisco.  So she runs away, taking her bicycle, Clunk, with her and riding off to find Zbig.  The adventures she has along the way lead both Bicycle and Sister Wanda to reconsider not only their own relationship but what the true nature of friendship actually entails.  A grand adventure!


NIGHT WITCHES by Kathryn Lasky - Another great historical fiction book - Valya has been flying since she was young.  Her father was an instructor for the flight training center in Engles in the Soviet Union.  So when war breaks out, Valya wants to join the Night Witches, a group of women fliers whose mission is to destroy the Germans.  But her mother won't let her go although her older sister, Tatyana does.  When Valya's home is destroyed by a German bomb and her mother is killed by a sniper, Valya becomes even more determined to join the Witches, find her sister and destroy the Germans.  A little known story of these brave women and their contribution to helping the Allies in World War II. 


REFUGEE by Alan Gratz - Told from three different perspectives and three time periods, this is the amazing story of three young people fleeing for their lives - refugees from Germany before World War II, Cuba under Castro, and Syria during the present civil war.  Alternating viewpoints, you follow Josef, Isabel and Mahmoud as they fight their way toward freedom.  Gratz has done an amazing job ending each chapter in a way that makes you keep turning the pages.  A book that will help students understand the hardships and heartbreak that refugees face as they leave all they've known behind.  Highly recommended.







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